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Shin splints: what to do when running hurts

Shin splints are a runners nemesis. The pain can cause even the most seasoned runner to dread lacing up. There are a few way to avoid shin splints.

One, make sure you are not trying to do too much all at once. Over-training can cause the body to breakdown and fatigue easier. Also, it does not give the body time to strengthen muscles that are needed to support the body when running. Take it slow to start. Have you stopped running and now are getting back into it? Don't try to start back where you were at your peak. Think about the time it took to get you there. Start of with less intensity and duration and slowly build back up.

Two, work on strengthen training. Strengthening and stabilizing the legs, core, and ankles can prepare the body for high impact training. Some exercises can include toe raised, planks, and heel walks.

Lastly, don't forget about the benefits of cross training. Cross training can include biking, swimming, or going on a hike. Cross training allows the muscles to rest, while also giving you the cardiovascular fitness benefit.

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