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Stretch and Roll

Sitting at a desk all day or in a car can take a toll on the body. Or, maybe you are an avid exercises but don't often stretch. Stretching plays an important roll in fitness. The type of flexibility workouts will depend on when you are doing them.

Q: What stretches should I do before a workout?

A:DYNAMIC. You want to warm up the joints and muscles and get the body for your conditioning phase of your workout. Keep moving to keep the body warm. This can include lunges, skips, toe walks, or lateral walks.

Q: What stretches should I do after a workout?

A: STATIC. Once you have cooled down take time to stretch out the muscles. Hold the stretch for 15-60 seconds at a time. Use the time to recenter and focus on the body. This can include a seated hamstring stretch, chest stretch, or butterfly stretch.

Click here for some examples of stretches.

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